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The herbs in the capsule help to cleanse and remove toxins from the body. They increase energy, assist the digestive system, and decrease the appetite. As the weight comes off, the herbs help to balance the system so the weight stays off.

Weight Loss

  • WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THE WEIGHT LOSS CAPSULE TAKE THE WEIGHT OFF FASTER? As we stated before, you do not have to go on a special diet when taking the Weight Loss capsule, however, if you want to speed up the process there are some things you can do. Avoid all refined sugar and white flour and everything made with them. 


    HOW SOON WILL I LOSE WEIGHT? This is somewhat difficult to answer as each person's body chemistry is different, however, we have one woman who lost 37 pounds in just over six weeks. We have two women who didn't see any results for about a month and then the weight started coming off. Most will start seeing considerable weight loss within two to three weeks. You must remember herbs are not an overnight solution, like crash diets that harm the body, but if you will stay with your herbal Weight Loss capsule, the weight will come off for the vast majority, and more importantly, you will be able to keep the weight off permanently.


    WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS? There have been no reports of any negative side effects when taking Dr. Tom’s Weight Loss capsule. All ingredients are 100% natural, organic herbs - no drugs of any kind.



    • Citrin® (Garcinia cambogia extract)

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